Our Interpreting Services

We are proud of our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. Our interpreters have experience in different medical terminologies and procedures. They meet the highest industry standard and poised the professionalism to handle high call volumes and escalated calls. They are required to continue their medical interpreting education by taking courses, test and studying material that our trainer provides.


Our skilled and experienced bilingual staff and professional medical interpreters guarantee that your service gets delivered promptly to your costumers. Peak times for different time zones are handled more effectively, in our Eastern Time-based facilities by our native / near-native English Language proficiency staff.


While our team is talented, our real strength lies in our collaboration and cooperation through each stage of the service fulfillment. Together as a team, we can be relied on to provide a positive final result. As an experienced interpreting service provider, we have extensive skills in creating high performance, the value-added delivery system for your business.

We invite you to contact us for all your interpreting service requirements – we are just a phone call away.